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Baby Support Cushion Chair

Baby Support Cushion Chair

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Are you looking for a high-quality, comfortable baby support cushion chair? Look no further than our Baby Support Cushion Chair!

Made from 100% new, high quality short plush and PP cotton, our Baby Support Cushion Chair is soft and comfortable for your little one. The fashionable cute animal shaped design will keep your baby entertained, while the cushion supports their sitting posture and keeps them comfortable. Our Baby Support Cushion Chair is suitable for 0-2 year old babies and has a general lifetime that depends on how you use the product.

Don't miss out on this must-have item for any parent or caregiver! Order our Baby Support Cushion Chair today!


 Size: about 45 * 45cm / 17.72 * 17.72in


Washing steps:

1. Pour warm water into the sink with neutral detergent.

2.Gently rub and rinse with warm water.

3.Squeeze the water out with a towel and adjust it back into shape.

4.Dry in the sun, brush the hair down again.



Warm tips:

1.To avoid tailoring and breakage of fabric, avoid using dryer agents in washing machines.

2.To keep toys soft, they can often be hung out in the sun for a period of time.



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