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15/21 Holes Large Kids Gatling Bubble Gun Toys

15/21 Holes Large Kids Gatling Bubble Gun Toys

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Name: Gatling Bubble Gun

Material: ABS material

Color: gold, black, pink

Packing List:1 x Bubble Gun1 x Bubble Liquid Tray1 x Bubbles Bottle (not including bubble water)Without battery

Product specifications: 38 * 14 * 11 cm

How to make bubble solution:

1. Add washing powder or liquid detergent to the bottle, about 1/5 of the bottle (liquid detergent can be added in a small amount).

2. Pour clean tap water into the bottle, stir and shake well.

3. Pour the bubbling water into the tray; stick the bubbling mouth with the bubble liquid.

4. Press the switch to enjoy colorful bubble time.

Note:1. If you accidentally get soap in your eyes, please rinse your eyes with water.

2. When the machine is running, do not put your fingers into the machine.

3. When the bubble solution is used up, turn it off.

4. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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